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Contact your Legislators

Write to your state senator and house represenative to express the need to block all attempts for red flag laws in this state.


Sign up now to volunteer or register for the upcoming rally.


With your help, we will unite thousands of Tennesseans from all across our great state to descend on the Capitol and affect real, lasting change. Our volunteers are working tirelessly to make this event a success and every dollar counts. Please consider giving any amount that you can. 100% of the funds raised will be used for the rally in January.

Support the Firearms Safety Scholarship programs

Here at Tennessee Taking Action we believe that solutions are found in education and
not legislation.We as a state cannot legislate ourselves out of a societal problem. However, we can educate and empower Tennesseans through firearms safety, handling, and storage classes. Together, let’s work to encourage safe firearms ownership and handling.

How can you be a part of this program?

  1. Donate here at Donate – Tennesse Taking Action ( for the Firearms Safety Scholarship and leave us a note that you want this donation to go directly to the scholarship fund.
  2. If you are interested in signing up for the Firearms Safety Scholarship sign up here Sign Up – Tennesse Taking Action ( And in the comment section let us know you want to sign up for the Scholarship.
  3. Spread the word, what we need is “common sense gun education”. What we do not need is “common sense gun laws”.

Meet Beverlee Hawkins, she is a firearms instructor in the Appalachian mountains of east Tennessee. She is TNTA’s first Firearms Safety Scholarship instructor. She is also the director for Ladies of 2A. TNTA is proud to be partnering with her.

Meet Harmony Jones, she has been a firearms instructor since 2016. Harmony now serves as the Vice President for rescue with @rescue1global. She has a passion for teaching women to confidently handle, carry and use firearms for self defense. It is her mission to level the playing field for women, in defending themselves and their children.